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Here Is What Guys Find So Freakin” HOT About Rough Sex

The trend favoring rough sex has worried women, men and lots of parents, Especially in the form of discussion about the extent of abuse present in the relationship at the center of fifty shades of gray. Yet studied has firmly proven that those who enjoy BDSM are usually mentally healthful and feature skilled about the equal level of sexual abuse as the overall population.

Here are 5 keys reason guys — and women! — get so much satisfaction out of rough s3x.

1. The Element of Surprise.

one of the reasons guys — and ladies — are turned on by rough sex is the element of marvel that turns on our dopamine receptors which gives us extra sexual pride. Surprising reviews help our relationships in making exciting and clean. We’re extra bold while carrying out hard sex, so will try out different sensations. biting and nipping, for instance, will stimulate dopamine as well.

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